China’s massive military drills around Taiwan after Pelosi’s visit

China military drills around Taiwan

Reuters reports that two Chinese missiles were fired at the northeastern tip of Taiwan in the exercise. Reuters is giving such news citing Taiwan government sources.

The exercise began at 12 noon local time in the sea around Taiwan. ‘Live ammunition’ or fresh ammunition was used in this exercise.

The exercise is being conducted in a total of six areas around the island, three of which fall within 20 kilometres of Taiwan.

Beijing authorities have advised ships and aircraft to avoid these areas in the exercise area.

China has informed that this exercise will continue till Sunday.

China’s Eastern Command says it has already fired fresh long-range missiles into the Taiwan Strait. The strait separates Taiwan from mainland China.

Taiwan says the whole issue appears to be a kind of blockade that goes against its independence, as it obstructs air and ship traffic in its waters and airspace.

China military drills around Taiwan
China military drills around Taiwan- Source: Getty Images

China views self-ruled Taiwan, 100 miles from mainland China, as a breakaway province and wants the island back under Beijing’s control.

On Tuesday, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and one of the top figures of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, visited Taiwan.

This is the first time a top US political leader has visited the island in 25 years.

China termed his visit as “extremely dangerous”. The US House Speaker started this controversial visit in the face of Chinese threats.

China’s foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador to Beijing to protest his visit.

Shortly after Nancy Pelosi concluded her visit, 27 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s self-declared air defence zone.

Then China started the largest military exercise in the region.

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