Several Hurt by Gunshot in Copenhagen Shopping Mall Shooting

Copenhagen shopping mall shooting

The city’s police said that several people have been shot at a shopping mall in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

In a tweet, Copenhagen Police said it sent officers to a shopping mall on Sunday (3 July) after receiving reports of a shooting. Police advised people inside the mall to stay put and await police assistance.

Witnesses said people were seen crying and hid in shops and a man was seen being put on a stretcher outside the mall in a photo shared by Denmark’s TV2 on Twitter.

In a tweet, Copenhagen Police informed, “We are present in large numbers and massively at Fields, where we have received reports of shootings. We will update here as soon as we have more about the current situation.”

The force also said in another tweet: “We are still present, shots have been fired and several people have been hit. We work on site. People in the Fields must stay and await the police. All other persons must stay away from Fields.”

Currently, It is not yet clear how many people may have been killed or wounded.

All streets there and the metro line connecting it to the downtown area have been shut, and emergency vehicle and fire teams have shown up.

The shooting took place at the Field’s shopping center, according to reports.

Photos have arisen which show individuals taking off from the shopping center, incorporating families with small kids.

Intensely equipped police are additionally seen remaining external the shopping center.

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